Dental Crowns

Decayed or damaged teeth can be incredibly painful and make daily activities, such as eating and speaking, more difficult.

If you have a damaged tooth, Dr. Corey Schumer can place a dental crown to restore the natural strength and appearance of your smile.

Why are crowns such a trusted restorative option?

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A Restorative Treatment That Looks and Feels Completely Natural

Repair and Protect Your Tooth

Before placing a dental crown at our Tucson, AZ, office, Dr. Schumer can remove any decayed portions to stop the infection from spreading. Then, the restoration fits over the top of your tooth to protect against further damage.

Designed to Last

Our crowns are crafted from durable materials which can withstand even the substantial forces placed on molars. With proper care, your crown may last for ten years or more.

A Natural-Looking Solution

Dr. Schumer will carefully match the crown to the rest of your teeth, allowing the restoration to blend seamlessly into your smile. In some cases, it could even enhance your appearance.

Wondering how crowns work?

Illustration of how dental crowns work

Will a dental crown last?

Crowns are also a versatile dental treatment...

Dental Crowns May  Be Recommended For: 

Broken Teeth 

If your tooth has become severely damaged, your dentist may place a dental crown to restore full strength and aesthetics.

Decayed Tooth

A tooth that has suffered extensive decay will need a large portion of the tooth structure removed. A dental crown can protect the tooth.

After a Root Canal 

Root canal treatment can address infection but may weaken the tooth. A dental crown can provide added strength.

Missing Tooth 

A single missing tooth can be replaced with an implant-supported crown. If you do not want dental implants, a traditional dental bridge may be used instead.

Dental Imperfections

In some cases, a porcelain crown can be placed to conceal dental imperfections while also repairing your tooth.

However, a crown is not always appropriate...

Getting a dental crown sounds painful...

A New Crown  Can Relieve Discomfort 

Having a dental crown placed is no more painful than getting a dental filling. To ease any discomfort, you will be given a local anesthetic to make every stage of the procedure comfortable, including the preparation of your tooth and the placement of your permanent crown.

Rest assured, crowns can relieve discomfort for patients suffering from broken, damaged, or weakened teeth.

tooth pain

What happens when a dental crown is placed? 

Will my crown look fake or feel strange?

Dr. Schumer Uses High-Quality Materials  to Provide the Best Possible Results 


Every crown is carefully designed to fit your smile. Before designing your new restoration, Dr. Schumer takes detailed impressions to ensure that your crown harmonizes with your bite. He also color-matches the material of your crown to the shade of your surrounding teeth. Crowns come in a variety of sturdy, yet highly natural-looking materials, including all-porcelain and porcelain-fused to metal.

Dr. Schumer will help you decide which type of material is best for you based on the location of your affected tooth, your preferences, and your budget.

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