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At Schumer Dental, We Treat Our Patients Like Family

Our main goal is to treat patients with comfort and compassion in a welcoming environment. Dr. Corey Schumer and our team treat all our patients as family and recommend treatment based on their unique needs and goals for dental treatment.

We believe the mouth is the gateway to the body’s overall health and wellness, which is why we put a great emphasis on preventive care. When smile restoration is needed, Dr. Schumer uses only the finest products and materials to ensure the strongest, longest-lasting results.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Tucson dental office, where you can start your journey to a healthier, happier future. Schedule an appointment today!

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What Our Patients Say

  • This is an outstanding practice in every way and I've been pleased to recommend it and will continue to do so.

    R Perez Avatar
    R Perez
  • Dr Schumer is an excellent dentist. He explains things very well and brings you into the decision-making to an appropriate extent. He even keeps you posted during the procedure as to what’s going on, which I really appreciate. Clean office, great use of technology in this practice! Great and friendly office staff, too.

    Linda Shenk Avatar
    Linda Shenk
  • Always kind and as gentle as possible! They care about how you are feeling, and they changed my fear of dentists into a positive experience!

    Summer Paige Avatar
    Summer Paige
  • Schumer Dental is great. Everybody there is professional and personable. They get to know their patients and take good care of them. They explain what they are doing and answer any questions you may have. I have had dental work, crowns, and cleanings. I have never experienced any pain or side effects. They have a convenient eastside location for me but if either of us move I would still go to Schumer Dental.

    Gayle McGuire Avatar
    Gayle McGuire
  • I don't have a work schedule that allows me to make a firm appointment so I must call and see if there is a cancellation. They got me right in on a Monday. Patricia did and excellent job on my cleaning and always I have a friendly experience here.

    RK Avatar
  • Dr. schumer and his staff are the epitome of competent and compassionate care. They truly listen and respond when I voice a concern about my dental health.

    cynthia wood Avatar
    cynthia wood
  • If you do not appreciate long or short wait times in the office to be anxious about your dental appointment then you should be a patient here. I never even have time to read any of the wonderful selection of magazines before I am called back to start a prophy or any restorative appointments. Dr. Schumer and staff are very patient orientated and consider the patient's comfort, time and answer all questions. The office is clean and comfortable. Although I am not always a fan of the selection of music. Oh well that is my only concern.

    Bryan Daum Avatar
    Bryan Daum
  • Dr. Schumer and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Schumer is professional, thorough and puts his clients best interests first. And my experience is that they don’t recommend any unnecessary procedures to generate additional revenue. I couldn’t recommend him any more highly!

    Diana Wiskerchen Avatar
    Diana Wiskerchen
  • Dr. Schumer and his staff are among the most professional, friendly, efficient, and thorough medical professionals I’ve ever been to. They take the time and have the patience to answer any and all questions you may have. You never are rushed in and out. If you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Schumer.

    Tom H Avatar
    Tom H
  • Schumer Dental is great. Everybody there is professional and personable. They get to know their patients and take good care of them. They explain what they are doing and answer any questions you may have. I have had dental work, crowns, and cleanings. I have never experienced any pain or side effects. They have a convenient eastside location for me but if either of us move I would still go to Schumer Dental.

    Gayle McGuire Avatar
    Gayle McGuire
  • As always, friendly, professional staff. Appreciate the loyalty and wonderful care from the entire team!

    Teresa Nechvatal Avatar
    Teresa Nechvatal
  • Long time patient and I appreciate the staff and Dr. Schumer. Rene is always personable and conversational - asking about kids and grandkids while doing her work! (Mumbled replies work from me). Dr. Schumer was very accessible during a dental emergency giving help by phone while I was out of state.

    Beth Miner Avatar
    Beth Miner
  • Great office...friendly and very welcoming. Dr Schumer and staff obviously care about their patients and are very concerned with doing things right.

    Jack Lanning Avatar
    Jack Lanning
  • I first became a patient of Dr. Schumer when my dentist of 34 years retired in January 2019. Yes, I'm that old. Anyway, this is the first time I had to have any major dental work (replace a crown). I'm not only old but set in my ways and do not like change.
    Dr. Schumer understood my anxiety & was so compassionate and calming. I have to admit, I owe him an apology. He genuinely cares for the feelings of his patients. He explained EVERYTHING as he was doing it. I was met with no surprises and best of all, IT DIDN'T HURT. He said I might have some pain at home but no, nada, nothing. My days of worrying about my new dentist, Dr. Schumer, is over.
    Dr. Schumer's staff, all of them, from the receptionists when you enter to the Dental Techs, just everyone in the office are friendly & professional.
    Thank you Dr. Schumer & Staff.
    Becky Sena

    Becky Sena Avatar
    Becky Sena
  • " Dr Schumer is the most amazing dentist and the staff is very remarkable always kind fast and efficient. A place you can go to without having to worry about having any pain when done or going through surgery.

    Loco Savage Avatar
    Loco Savage
  • Dr Schumer is awesome!! He has a great staff ! They are all friendly and knowledgeable. I trust Dr Schumer and will continue to stop in every six months

    Christian Brinkerhoff Avatar
    Christian Brinkerhoff
  • I have been going to Schumer Dental for several years. When I arrived my teeth were a train wreck, to put it mildly.

    Arrangements were made with a Maxillofacial surgeon and I was able to eat again.

    During my many trips to Dr. Schumer's office I was always greeted very warmly and treated like family. I always felt welcome and Lissette, Marcy, Nara, Michelle and Leticia made me feel that way, of course Dr. Schumer must be included. He always stressed Family in our dealings.

    Well during this shut down round two started. Same procedure, extractions, implant placed and now waiting for gums to heal.

    Dr. Schumer never hesitated to see me as he knew it was an emergency and Leticia always found the proper time for me to be seen.

    Again, even under these stay at home protocols, I was greeted warmly and felt like I was part of a family.

    Dr. Schumer and his staff are the best and certainly an office to be imitated by anyone wanting to know, "How to succeed in business".

    Jim Menne

    James Menne Avatar
    James Menne
  • Great care, fine atmosphere (free coffee!), friendly staff dedicated to service, and Dr. Schumer listens and serves his patients well!

    William Breckenridge Avatar
    William Breckenridge
  • Typically we see Renee (hygienist) for my 5 year old, very skittish son. She is great a gauging what mood he is in and only pushes him as hard as she thinks he can handle that day as he gets very nervous at the dentist. However, she does a great job distracting my son so she can get in there and clean. The office staff is always friendly and helpful and Dr. Schumer is always informative and pleasant.

    Renee Danielson Avatar
    Renee Danielson
  • Great dentist and office staff! Laura, the hygienist, is very thorough in her examination prior to beginning the cleaning process. Laura addressed my concerns regarding issues of having dry mouth due to certain medications I take. Dr. Schumer is extremely efficient, quick, so polite, and ready to listen to any concerns I might have before, during, or after his work. The work Dr. Schumer does is exceptional. What I appreciate most about this office is their willingness to work within your budget. Based on my needs, there were different options available to care for my teeth, whether it was a filling or crown. Pros and cons to either option were explained, and ultimately I chose what worked best for me and my budget. I was able to space out the needed care for my teeth from May 2018, with my goal to have all issues addressed by April 2019.

    Grace Piekut Avatar
    Grace Piekut
  • If you are looking for a dentist who is professional, friendly and one who cares about you as a patient then search no more! He also has wonderful front office staff & dental hygienist. Just Love this office

    Pam Waltz Avatar
    Pam Waltz
  • An outstanding dentist who has excellent support staff. He also does a great job taking care of my elderly parent's needs.

    Mark Krauseneck Avatar
    Mark Krauseneck
  • I've had the same excellent dentist (in Flagstaff) for over 20 years. One of the hardest things about moving to SE Arizona was finally giving up my "guy" and finding someone I could trust here. I have been putting it off since 2013 - actually choosing to drive nearly 8 hours each way to get my work done in Flagstaff! I did my research and found Dr. Schumer, and I am so glad I did. Dr. Schumer is excellent, thorough, and gives me the confidence to finally get my work done near home. His hygienists are wonderful, and the office staff are professional and friendly. I am so pleased that I found them! I highly recommend Schumer Dental.

    Denise Traver Avatar
    Denise Traver
  • First time here. Dr and staff made me feel comfortable and treated me as if I’d been long time friend.

    Rita Kuczynski Avatar
    Rita Kuczynski
  • Great professional service!! On time and thorough tooth cleaning and the closest thing to a painless dentist. Rene is a terrific dental hygienist and the front office staff is great.

    Jacqueline Wohl Avatar
    Jacqueline Wohl
  • Staff are courteous, efficient and dedicated. Dr. Schumer is very capable and works quickly and painlessly, explaining what he's doing as he goes.
    The office and equipment are modern and it's easy to get to and park.
    They're all great people there, check them out!

    John B Avatar
    John B
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